► We have 18 000 readers!

This is 18 000 potential customers!

► PROGRESSIVE magazine is a specialised B2B publication for managers of international and regional retail chains, owners and managers of independent supermarkets, producers and distributors in the FMCG sector in Bulgaria. 


► The first issue of the magazine was published in February 2007 and since then it has been the leading FMCG magazine in Bulgaria, providing up-to-date information, educational articles, analysis, data and trends for the grocery sector.


► The goal of PROGRESSIVE magazine is to create and to support professional communication between retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the FMCG sector.


► PROGRESSIVE Magazine Bulgaria is part of the International PROGRESSIVE Group, owned by Crier Media Group UK Ltd., a British company that specialises in B2B magazines for the FMCG industry around the world.


 PROGRESSIVE magazine is also published in Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. 



► Target audience & Readers

► The target audience of PROGRESSIVE magazine are the owners and managers of independent stores throughout the country.


► Each month the magazine is sent personally to 18 000 managers, owners and decision-makers in the FMCG sector:


  • Owners of independent retail outlets.
  • Senior Management of the international retail chains
  • Senior Management of regional and local retail chains
  • Managers of retail outlets
  • Owners and Managers of specialised stores
  • Owners and Managers of pharmacies (offering at least 100 SKUs of cosmetics)
  • Owners and Managers of drugstores
  • Senior Management of Manufacturers, Distribution and Logistic Companies, Wholesalers
  • Senior Management of petrol stations
  • Others: Embassies, Banks, Insurance companies, Media and PR agencies, etc.


Nationally Controlled Circulation – Business breakdown of RECIPIENTS


        ► Database & Circulation & Distribution

► Month PROGRESSIVE magazine is distributed free of charge directly and personally addressed to the top decision-makers in the FMCG sector.


► This is possible thanks to the well-developed database, which is constantly cleaned-up and updated, thus offering one of the most  up-to-date FMCG lists in Bulgaria.


► This guarantees a 90% coverage of the retail market.


► PROGRESSIVE magazine circulation is 18 000 copies and is published 10 times per year.


► Readership is free of charge to our targeted audience.


► PROGRESSIVE magazine has a nationally controlled distribution.

Distribution of the magazine to Independent stores city by city - COVERAGE 


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