Metro Group expanding its partnership with food waste app

Date: 23/10/2019 Comments: 0
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Metro Group expanding its partnership with food waste app

Food rescue app, Too Good To Go, is expanding its partnership with Metro Group, following a successful trial in Germany and the Netherlands.

Metro Group will now launch the app in Spain, France, Belgium and Italy. The partnership was first launched in Germany in 2018, with over 12,000 meals saved so far across Germany and the Netherlands. The app allows users to rescue unsold meals from being sent to a landfill, by purchasing them at a discounted price. The meals have been sold at Metro headquarters, select store restaurants in Germany and in all 17 Metro stores in the Netherlands.

By 2025, Metro Group aims to halve all food waste from its own operations. As a wholesaler, the company believes it has a responsibility to help save resources and to reduce the greenhouse gases generated from the tons of food thrown away each year. This alliance helps Metro Group to achieve this and the expansion is an important step towards reducing waste across the business.

The app will work slightly differently in the various markets. In Belgium, similar to in the Netherlands, the app will offer products from Metro stores which are getting close to their best before date. However, in Italy, Spain and France, Metro Group will promote awareness of the app to its core customers, including hoteliers, caterers and restaurateurs, encouraging them to use the new app to reduce waste from things like breakfast buffets and lunch menus.

Too Good To Go also works with a number of partners across the globe and is now active in 13 countries. Supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants are all able to list unsold food items at a discounted price. Since its launch in 2016, it has built a network of 14 million registered users and saved over 20m meals.


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