Nestlé invests about 1.9 million euros in Spanish condensed milk factory

Date: 23/10/2019 Comments: 0
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Nestlé invests about 1.9 million euros in Spanish condensed milk factory

Nestlé will invest nearly 1.9 million euros in the construction of two new filling lines at its condensed milk factory located in Pontecesures (Pontevedra). The new lines will have more modern technology, will be more precise and with a faster filling speed.

At present, the construction of the line destined to large formats for industrial customers has already begun and that involves an investment of about 350,000 euros. This line will allow the filling of containers of different sizes that will range from the 1,000-liter format, which is currently filled manually, to the two-and-a-half, five and 25-liter formats, which are carried out semi-automatically. This new filling line, which is scheduled to go into operation in November 2019, is equipped with a technology that provides greater precision and increases the life of the product.

On the other hand, more than 1.5 million euros will be invested in the construction of another new filling line for 1 kg and 740 gr containers, which will unify the filling of these two formats, which until now were carried out in separate lines. This new line, more modern and with greater speed and precision, will also result in energy savings and maintenance. It is expected to become operational in July 2020.

With an average workforce of 170 people, the Pontecesures factory produces both condensed and dulce de leche or cooked milk, made with fresh Galician milk. With a volume of 51,000 tons produced in 2018, 60% is exported to the Middle East, Europe - its main destinations being the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy and Belgium, Central Africa and the Maghreb.

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