Sanitary napkins EVERYDAY FRESH 7+3 FREE

Date Added: 17/04/2015
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Sanitary napkins EVERYDAY FRESH 7+3 FREE
  • Description:

    (promotional pack)

    EveryDay is one of the most popular brands of sanitary napkins on our market.

    Thanks to its revolutionary design and the specific absorption properties, EveryDay Fresh napkins offer an ideal combination of protection against leakage and a lasting feeling of dryness and freshness. The upper layer is specially designed to minimize irritation, and the product is gynecologically tested. Discreetly scented, with protective wings and individually packed to ensure perfect hygiene. Available in mini, normal, super and maxi night, in accordance with the needs.

    A wide range of different promo-packs will appear on the market as of May. The company will start with massive distribution in the traditional trade of the special promo-pack EveryDay Fresh 7+3 Free for the sizes normal, super and maxi night.

    All activities will be supported mainly by the new TVC of EveryDay Fresh with focus on night size (Maxi Night). 

  • Logistic Information: EveryDay 10 pcs pack: 36 pcs/carton EveryDay Economy 18 pcs pack: 24 pcs/carton
  • Producer: Mega Disposables SA - Greece
  • Importer: Interfoods Bulgaria EAD
  • Distributor: Interfoods Bulgaria EAD
  • Address: 57, Hirstofor Columb Boul., Sofia
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • City: Sofia
  • Post code: 1592
  • Telephone: 02 817 1010
  • Website:
  • Email:

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