► We have 10 000 readers!

This is 10 000 potential customers!

► PROGRESSIVE magazine is a specialised B2B publication for managers of international and regional retail chains, owners and managers of independent supermarkets, producers and distributors in the FMCG sector in Bulgaria. 


► The first issue of the magazine was published in February 2007 and since then it has been the leading FMCG magazine in Bulgaria, providing up-to-date information, educational articles, analysis, data and trends for the grocery sector.


► The goal of PROGRESSIVE magazine is to create and to support professional communication between retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the FMCG sector.


► PROGRESSIVE Magazine Bulgaria is part of the International PROGRESSIVE Group that specialises in B2B magazines for the FMCG, Horeca and Pharma industries around the world.


 PROGRESSIVE magazine is also published in Romania, Croatia and Serbia. 



► Target audience & Readers

► The target audience of PROGRESSIVE magazine are the owners and managers of independent stores throughout the country.


► Each month the print magazine is sent personally to 10 000 managers, owners and decision-makers in the FMCG sector and also is sent by email 4 times per month to 15 100 emails of Top Managers as it follows:


  • Owners of independent retail outlets.
  • Senior Management of the international retail chains
  • Senior Management of regional and local retail chains
  • Managers of retail outlets
  • Owners and Managers of specialised stores
  • Owners and Managers of drugstores
  • Senior Management of Manufacturers, Distribution and Logistic Companies, Wholesalers
  • Senior Management of petrol stations
  • Others: Embassies, Banks, Insurance companies, Media and PR agencies, etc.


Nationally Controlled Circulation – Business breakdown of RECIPIENTS


        ► Database & Circulation & Distribution

► Month PROGRESSIVE magazine is distributed free of charge directly and personally addressed to the top decision-makers in the FMCG sector.


► This is possible thanks to the well-developed database, which is constantly cleaned-up and updated, thus offering one of the most  up-to-date FMCG lists in Bulgaria.


► This guarantees a 90% coverage of the retail market.


► PROGRESSIVE magazine circulation is 10 000 copies. The magazine is published 11 times per year and 1 issue is only Digital ( August ).


► Readership is free of charge to our targeted audience.


► PROGRESSIVE magazine has a nationally controlled distribution.

Distribution of the magazine to Independent stores city by city - COVERAGE 



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