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► PROGRESSIVE B2B conference is the first of its kind two-day business-to-business event dedicated to the retail and FMCG industry in Bulgaria.


► Each year the conference gathers the Top Management of the Retail chains, Producers, Importers, Distributors, Agencies for market research and other experts to exchange experience, opinions, observations, and forecasts for the FMCG sector in Bulgaria and the region.


► The goal of   PROGRESSIVE Conference Retail Network is to provide you with fresh information and points of view, as well as ideas for the development of your business.


► PROGRESSIVE Conference Retail Network is a unique opportunity to establish new contacts and future business partnerships in the FMCG sector.


► Held over two days in unconventional and relaxed environment, the Conference attracts over 250 top FMCG managers every year.


► The annual Progressive Retail Network event also attracts FMCG professionals from Romania, Serbia and Croatia, as well as International speakers from around the world.



► PROGRESIV Conference Romania

► PROGRESSIVE Conference Croatia

► PROGRESSIVE Conference Serbia







► PROGRESSIVE AWARDS  are the first and the only FMCG Awards in Bulgaria which distinguish  the best companies, brands and CSR campaigns. 

► For a 3rd year PROGRESSIVE AWARDS  gathers the Top Management of the Retail chains, Producers, Importers, Distributors, Agencies for market research and other experts.
 PROGRESSIVE AWARDS aim to distinguish successful managers, companies and brands from the FMCG industry, which set trends and contribute year after year to the development of the industry and the market, as well as play an important role in the development of partnerships between retailers and suppliers.
► For 15 years we mirror the voice of Bulgarian retail and FMCG business community. Developing relationships between retailers and suppliers is the role that we have assumed since the launch of the first edition of Progressive magazine, which now gets a new image with the PROGRESSIVE AWARDS – to award the best in the industry.

► CATEGORY Retail Forum is the only event in Bulgaria which brings together the biggest FMCG market and consumer research agencies at one place.
► CATEGORY Retail Forum has proven itself as a unique format which gives the latest insights on the development of 18 Food and Non-Food product categories on the FMCG Market in Bulgaria.
► CATEGORY Retail Forum is a one-day event that takes place in 2 Parallel Panels - FOOD and NON-FOOD.
► The  FORUM aims to provide data, accurate analyzes and  forecasts for 18 product categories:
  • Exclusive research conducted especially for the Forum from market and consumer research agencies
  • Information for consumers behavior by category, how and why they choose and buy a specific brand
  • Data for top brands in each category
► For a 6th year FORUM gathers at one place over 180 Top Managers of the Retail chains, Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Agencies for market research and other experts to share data and  exchange opinions for the development of 18 Food and Non-Food product categories. 







► Every month PROGRESSIVE Round Table gathers companies, producing goods of one particular category.


► During the PROGRESSIVE Round Table, market research agencies and merchandising companies present current and up-dated information about the state of the market and the representatives of the Producers Companies have the opportunity to discuss and share opinion on various topics and problems within the category.


► PROGRESSIVE Round Table takes place 10 times a year.

► PRO BRAND TEST is a tasting of products from different categories and evaluation of their qualities through the methods of sensory analysis.
► Within the PRO Brand Test, a tasting of products with the same indicators from one category is held.
 The aim is manufacturers or suppliers of those type of products to enter in the role of consumers and through the method of sensory analysis to evaluate their own and those of competitors products.
► At the end of the tasting, the results are announced and a ranking of the brands is made.
► PRO Brand Test is conducted between 4 - 6 times a year.





► In 2012 PROGRESSIVE magazine launched a new initiative - Progressive IN TRAINING.


► Progressive In Training are trade orientated practical training programs on different topics for the FMCG sector in Bulgaria.


► The aim of the seminars is to introduce new points of view, different ideas and innovative solutions which you may put into practice in your daily work.


► Progressive In Training is for anyone who wants to develop managerial skills and to get updated with the current new trends in the sector. This will guarantee you better results and the overall development of the business processes in your company.


► The trainers are experts in various fields of trade, marketing, merchandising, IT solutions, human resources, etc. with huge professional experience and observations on the market.