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► Target audience & Readers - Owners and Managers of Independent retail outlets throughout the country.   

► 15 000 decision-makers personally receive and read PROGRESSIVE magazine each month: Top Managers, Owners and Managers of independent retail outlets in the FMCG sector in Bulgaria.

► 90 % Coverage of the FMCG retail outlets in Bulgaria.

► Circulation & Database - PROGRESSIVE magazine is distributed free of charge directly and personally addressed to decision- makers in the FMCG sector. This is possible thanks to the exceptionally well-developed database of readers. The database is constantly cleaned-up and updated.

► The aim of PROGRESSIVE DIGITAL is to provide fast, up-to-date and weekly information to the industry and to be the bond between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and all that are part of the FMCG and HORECA industries.
► NEW Digital Platforms:
PROGRESSIVE reaches the Decision Makers in FMCG & HoReCa, providing the target audience for your advertising.
  • PROGRESSIVE Digital Issue on website - the current issue constantly available on interactive platform on website 
  • PROGRESSIVE Newsletter & Digital Issue by email - weekly news and articles from current issue, sent by email to 15 100 recipients each Monday 
  • PROGRESSIVE Retailers` Guide - section for Products & Campaigns in PROGRESSIVE Newsletter & Digital Issue by email 
► PERIOD: every Monday / 4 times per month
► DISTRIBUTION: by email
► TARGET/ RECEPIENTS: 15,100 emails of  Top Managers in the FMCG (11 000) & HoReCa (4 100) industry: Owners and Managers of shops, Buyers, International and Regional Retailers, Pharmacies, Drugstores, Specialized stores, Bio stores, Children’s stores, Banks, Insurance Companies, Manufacturers, Distributors, Logistics, Transport companies and others.
Through the NEW PLATFORMS - WE will reach EACH WEEK the Retailers, Buyers and the FMCG and HoReCa industries.


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