Brewery industry becomes greener and greener

Date: 20/09/2012 Comments: 0
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Over the last 2 years, European breweries have managed to reduce the usage of water in the manufacturing process to approximately 4.5% per liter of beer, announced the Bulgarian Brewery Union, citing an independent report made by Danish and British consultants. The conclusions were made after collection of information for the work process of 156 companies which produce 62% of the beer in Europe. After the application of new technologies in the breweries in different countries, currently for the production of 1 liter of beer, 2,5 to 6,5 liters of water are needed. The amount of water used in Bulgaria is 4,5 liters, while the average for Europe is 4,2 liters, announce from the union. 8 bln. liters of water were saved in 2010 according to the reports.

Apart from water, the beer manufacturers in Europe have also used less energy. For the period 2008-2010, the energy consumption for production of a liter of beer has decreased by 3.8%. This leads to a decrease in the emissions of carbon dioxide by 7.1%. Waste waters from the production process have decreased by 6.9%. There is a trend for reduction of packaging trash, because of the fact that the manufacturers use predominantly multi-use bottles, reduce the weight of the packages and use recyclable materials.

In conclusion, in the report cited by the Bulgarian Brewery Union, it is pointed out that the manufacturers of beer in Europe use more effective green technologies, which reduce the harmful influence on the environment, increase the effectiveness of the consumed energy, water and raw materials, and reduce the harmful emissions and waste products.

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