Bulgaria's export to the EU and third countries with growth for the first 7 months of the year

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Bulgaria's export to EU countries in January-July 2013 has increased by 6.6% over the same period of 2012, according to data announced by the National Statistical Institute (NSI). From Bulgaria to the EU were exported goods for 14.7 billion bgn. Only in July of this year, export increased by 7.9 per cent compared to the same month of the previous year for the amount of 2.4 billion bgn.

NSI data show that the major trade partners of Bulgaria are Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece and France. They form 68.8% of total export to EU countries.

In the first seven months of 2013, the highest growth in goods export over the same period of last year are in the sectors "Soft and alcoholic drinks and tobacco" (28.5%) and "Chemicals and products" (24.0%).

Export to Germany has increased by 27.7%, to Estonia - by 85.5% and to Lithuania - by 47.4 per cent.

According to preliminary data announced by National Statistical Institute (NSI) for the period January - August 2013 Bulgaria's export to third countries has increased by 7.3% over the corresponding period of 2012. It equals to 11.6 billion bgn. The main trade partners of Bulgaria are Turkey, China, the Russian Federation, Gibraltar, Ukraine and Serbia. They form 51.8% of the export to third countries.


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