Bulgarians drink wine mainly on special occasions

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Bulgarians predominantly associate wine consumption with important life events – rituals such as weddings, funerals, baptisms – mostly symbolic occasions. The finding is the result of a qualitative and quantitative study by Ipsos commissioned by the Progressive magazine aimed at exploring wine consumers’ habits. The findings were presented during the latest round table session devoted to “Alcoholic beverages”.

The market research agency applied two methods in the study – quantitative and qualitative. Qualitative methods, Ipsos representatives point out, capture consumers’ attitudes to wine – how they see it, what they associate it with, preferences guiding their choice, and emotions aroused by wine consumption. On the other hand, quantitative methods provide a general picture of the market – events, major trends, consumption habits. 955 respondents aged 18 – 69, divided by sex, age and region, took part in the study.

Wine is the third most widely consumed alcoholic beverage after beer and rakia (Bulgarian brandy). Most wine consumers are people aged between 50 and 59. The quantitative results show that most wine is consumed in cities with populations over 100 000. People with high social status are the most loyal consumers of the grape beverage. The biggest quantity is consumed in Pleven, the smallest in Blagoevgrad, where only 1 in 4 people drinks wine once a month. Further findings from the Ipsos study show that the percentage of frequent consumers is considerably higher in Blagoevgrad and Pleven, while in Sofia and Rousse infrequent consumers of wine prevail.

The study shows, too, that home wine is a serious contender on the market, since 29% of respondents claim that they drink home wine only, while 71% report that they consume both home and mass-produced wine.

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