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There is a  constant growth of interest towards food industry products by producers, retailers and distributors from all over the world. The market is  swinging , it offers a variety  of food and drinks - traditional, typical, either a part of the "menu" of international cuisine,  or actively recommended by nutrition experts.

How does it all look like nowadays , brought  together in one place - this you can find out at the specialized exhibitions INTERFOOD & DRINK, MEATMANIA, WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, Salon de Vin.

Event date - between 7th -10th  November , 2012, the venue - Inter Expo Center (IEC) - Sofia, Bulgaria. Again this year, the four exhibition halls will be the epitome of some of the best and most innovative food and beverages, packaging machinery and technology in the sector.

Nearly 40 countries from near or remote regions of the world will be rivals in their efforts to present the best standards of their home industry. The companies will demonstrate the most interesting sides of their national cuisine, showcasing  new assortments, packaging and supply of goods. Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Austria seem to re-consider their projects for strong collective presentation of national manufacturers and retailers..

Bulgarian and foreign companies will offer a wide range of meat products and delis, milk and dairy products, bread, bakery products and confectionery, canned food, wine and grape products, soft drinks and other beverages. Culinary tastings and contests will help anyone willing to "check customer’s taste" test preferences , find new business partners, expand market  share.

Modern machinery, technology ,raw materials and base products for the production or supply of goods - this will  be the other exhibition focus to encourage business contacts and open perspectives for sustainable development of food industry.

BIO ZONE and "Diet & Fitness" Zone will open vast prospects  to commercial outlets specialized in organic products,  dietetic and diabetic foods and tasty and healthy drinks , seeking a way for large-scale production.

Quality ,standards, markets and other important topics will be discussed by experienced and reputatable speakers from the branch. Workshops, b2b meetings and other forums will bring added value to participants and visitors of the specialized exhibitions. The organizers are once again ready to welcome anyone of all these nearly 12,000 Bulgarian and foreign experts and a wider audience of visitors who attended the exhibition in 2011 , as well as all newcomers.

Meanwhile, IEC will be hosting a parallel exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment - SIHRE. Keepers of hotels and restaurants, bistros, pubs, pizzerias, cafes, shops with hot deli stands and other catering facilities, may find modern technology and know-how for high-end machinery and brands in halls 5 and 6 of the exhibition center.

The parallel implementation of SIHRE and the food and beverage exhibitions looks as if it will be a great success for both business participants and users of products and services in both thematics.

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