Food prices drop due to retailers’ promotional discounts

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Food prices drop due to retailers’ promotional discounts

The promotional discounts offered in larger retail chains in Sofia have led to a price drop of frozen chicken meat by 41.8%, 24 Hours daily reports, quoting the weekly analysis of the Ministry of agriculture and foods for the period from October 17 – 24.

A kilogram of meat cost 2.99 leva on average. In traditional sales channels price variations were insignificant – a kilogram was sold for 5.30 leva. Other cities also witnessed a price drop – from 9.1% in Haskovo to 33.4 per cent in Vratsa.

Sunflower oil saw arbitrary price fluctuations. For example, in Rousse the wholesale price of one litre was 1.7% cheaper, down to 2.92 leva, but in hypermarkets the same amount was sold for 8.1 per cent higher prices, up to 3.37 leva.
The cheapest sunflower oil was found in retail chains in Pernik – 2.91 leva per litre. Throughout the country, the prices were on average 0.11 leva cheaper in smaller shops as compared to larger retail chains.

The wholesale price of wheat flour saw the biggest drop in Silistra – 4.2% down. However, in Shumen it was 8.5 per cent more expensive. A slight decrease in the wholesale price of sugar was reported in some cities – a 0.5 to 2.1 per cent drop.

According to the Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets State Commission, the price of grapes has gone up by 18 per cent for the period October 19 – 25. A kilogram was sold for 1.77 leva wholesale, as compared to 1.50 leva the previous week.

Green peppers were 3.8% more expensive, up to 0.81 leva per kilogram, potatoes – 3.3 per cent more expensive, up to 0.63 leva per kilo, and the price of a kilogram of apples went up by 2.1%, up to 0.99 leva. The price of cabbage dropped by 1.9%.

Groceries saw a slight increase in the prices of cow’s milk cheese and Vitosha yellow cheese. Both of them went up by 0.4% to 4.96 and 10.28 leva per kilo, respectively. The price of butter was 1.7 per cent higher – a 125 g package’s wholesale price was 1.20 leva. There was no change in sunflower seed oil, wheat flour and eggs.

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