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Date: 21/09/2012 Comments: 0
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The Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has been on the Bulgarian market for an year and already offers its clients interactive catalogue and applications for Android and iPhone. Besides including more pictures and videos of the products, the company presented brand new layout of the content of the catalogue which will no longer be divided only according to rooms in the house, but also according to activities.

Smartphone application will allow scanning of special images on some of the pages of the paper catalogue of IKEA. In this way the clients will be able to find additional information about the products, useful tips and ideas about the home. They will even be able to see the home products in 3 dimensional view, announced the manager of IKEA Bulgaria Joanna Tzoneva. According to her words the company strives to reduce the usage of paper catalogues and this is the reason for the focus on the interactive catalogue.

Tzoneva shared that the company has made a detailed research on the needs of clients coming from different social groups. In her opinion the analysis of the information helped in the development of better supply chain. “We increased the efficiency of the internal processes and achieved economies of scale”, commented Joanna Tzoneva.

The catalogue for 2013 has already been distributed and the residents of 3 new cities – Blagoevgrad, Velingrad, and Panagiurishte will receive it as well, announced the company.

For an year on the Bulgarian market, the Swedish chain has had over 1 650 000 visitors, announced the director of IKEA Bulgaria Teo Muratidis. He emphasized that by the end of the year it is expected that the company will accomplish its initial plan to reach 10% market share.

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