Piccadilly Express becomes Piccadilly Daily

Date: 20/09/2012 Comments: 0
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Piccadilly Express becomes Piccadilly Daily


The well known stores Piccadilly express will be knows as Piccadilly Daily from now on, announced the owner Delhaize Group. Compared to the current stores, which are considered “nearby” stores, the new ones will offer better and broader range of products. They will meet the specific demands of the customers in the neighborhood, where the shop is situated.

Along with the new name, the opening of two new 200 square meter stores each offering over 17000 different items, was announced. The neighborhood stores will also have longer working hours - from 7am to 10pm. The stores currently known as Piccadilly Express will be rebranded and adapted to the new vision for the retailer chain. Piccadilly will have a total of 14 stores after the opening of the two new stores.

“Very important part of our strategy is the fast expansion of our retailer chain, which will be focused in Sofia and the other large cities. Our aim is to make our stores more attractive to a larger range of customers. The daily shopping has great potential and the smaller stores are the new big challenge for the retailers.” commented the Chief Operating Officer of Piccadilly Erikjan Lantink.

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