Prices of 10 foods freeze for 3 months

Date: 21/09/2012 Comments: 0
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Prices of 10 foods freeze for 3 months

The prices of 10 basic foods were frozen in several retailer chains in Bulgaria. This was negotiated between the Minister of Agriculture and Food  Miroslav Naidenov and representatives of retailer chains and suppliers. They agreed that only the prices of 10 Bulgarian products will be kept the same for the following 3 months.

“After negotiating with the retailer chains we achieved an agreement that for the next 3 months the prices of 10 basic food products will not rise”, said Naidenov. The Minister of Agriculture and Food  also specified the foods:  bread, yoghurt, milk, butter, yellow cheese, chicken, pork, middle sized eggs and sausages.

According to Naidenov the negotiation will not provoke dumping and he pointed out that the retailer chains will practically be in a three month promotion of the most important food products.

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