Products containing plant fats will no longer be named “dairy” and sold as such

Date: 20/09/2012 Comments: 0
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Products containing plant fats will no longer be named “dairy” and sold as such. The Minister of Agriculture and Food Miroslav Naidenov announced that this could become reality if a new regulation is initiated.

The new regulation is already prepared and will be an addition to the currently operating  one, which classifies which products are allowed to be named “milk”, ”cheese” and ”yellow cheese” .  It turns out that despite the existence of such regulation, a lot of producers evade it and name their products “dairy”, although they contain palm oil. According to the Minister of Agriculture and Food this regulation is not a way to introduce new standards to the farming but rather a way to provide the customer with better products.

“This is a regulation which classifies the products that can be named dairy. As you know, the first step was to clarify which products can be named milk, cheese and yellow cheese. Many producers tried to evade the law by selling their products as dairy while producing them from palm oil or something of the sort. This is the very reason why this regulation will forbid the naming of products which contain plant oil as dairy products.” commented Miroslav Naidenov. He also added that the import of plant fats has increased and this is lethal to the Bulgarian stock-breeding.

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