WWF assesses negatively the Bulgarian retailer chains

Date: 21/09/2012 Comments: 0
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WWF assesses negatively the Bulgarian retailer chains

Research of the world environmental organization WWF revealed shocking results about the Bulgarian market of ecological products. Using a client “under cover” who was shopping in ten of the biggest retailer chains in Bulgaria, WWF has come to the conclusion that there is insufficient amount of green products on the market.

This is the first research of this kind conducted in Bulgaria. It shows that the retailer chain that offers the most green products does not reach even one third of the possible maximal points. The best among the Bulgarian hypermarkets  has 5.93 from a total of 18 points. The environmental organization divided the basic food types in different categories for the analysis of the supply of green products on the Bulgarian market. Apart from assessing the supply of green foods, other areas such as existence of battery containers, availability of paper bags, staff qualification, pointing signs, advertisement brochures printed on recycled paper were also taken into consideration.

The results from the research show that the eggs seem to be the “greenest” product – the main criteria were what percentage of the eggs were organic and if they were free-ranged. It turned out that there are 3 retailer chains in which more than 10% of the eggs have ecological certificate or are from free-ranged hens. The assessment of dairy products was average, while the fruits and vegetables, fish, laundry detergents, and paper products were estimated low according to the criteria of WWF.

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