Maxima Grupe in talks to acquire Emperia Holding

Date: 08/12/2017 Comments: 0
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Maxima Grupe in talks to acquire Emperia Holding

Lithuania-based Maxima Grupe says that it has started negotiations over the acquisition of Polish operator Emperia Holding S.A., which owns the Stokrotka retail chain. The group runs 410 stores under the Stokrotka banner (as of the end of October), and its consolidated turnover for full year 2016 stood at 2.45 billion zlots (580 million euros).

“Expansion in Poland by acquiring operating retail chain is a logical and consistent step [for Maxima Grupe]," said Petras Jašinskas, chairman of the board at Maxima Grupe. Jašinskas added that Maxima has traded in the Polish market since 2012 via its Aldik chain. "If negotiations were successful, Maxima Grupe would make a tender offer to acquire shares of Emperia Holding S.A. and all shareholders would be able to respond to it," he added.

Maxima Grupe currently operates chains under the Maxima banner (in the Baltic states), Aldik (in Poland), T-Market (in Bulgaria) and online platform Barbora.

In 2016, the consolidated turnover of Maxima Grupe amounted to 2.69 billion euros.


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