Carrefour France marketplace sees low-key launch

Date: 15/06/2020 Comments: 0
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Carrefour France marketplace sees low-key launch
Carrefour France has launched an online marketplace for third party vendors to sell products via its main portal. Sellers will be subject to continuous evaluation in order to meet the Marketplace conditions. Customers can now opt to shop from the marketplace as well as the retailer’s website and gain access to a range of locally produced SKUs from an initial launch line-up of 12 sellers, including regional cheese and delicatessen suppliers, French supplements specialists and homegrown beauty brands, among others. 
Items will be delivered within 3-5 days after seller validation. However, there is no cancellation guaranteed over items purchased from the marketplace. Presently, the marketplace is largely limited to FMCG SKUs across six sections: pet products, delicatessen, telecoms, cosmetics, diet & nutrition, health and international items. The pet offer is under Carrefour's own Croquetteland pet supplies offer. According to Olivier Dauvers, the Croquetteland assortment accounts for 3,051 SKUs of the total 3,580 SKUs offered through the marketplace.

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