More than 5000 AB InBev jobs threatened

Date: 30/09/2016 Comments: 0
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More than 5000 AB InBev jobs threatened

Following its merger with SABMiller, AB InBev will apparently gradually cut 3 % of all jobs, some 5,500 jobs. The job cuts are part of AB InBev's plan to create synergy with SABMiller's operations, which should lead to 1.4 billion dollars (1.2 billion euro) in cost-cutting measures every year. It is still unknown which jobs will be cut although the company did already state that its main office will be in Louvain, while New York will get a "global functional management office".

Several divisions of the company have not been added to that restructuring plan, like the sales department. Because of legal limitations, AB InBev has not yet been able to plan a major integration, which means 5,500 may only be a preliminary number and that the company may cut even more jobs.

The AB InBev - SABMiller merger is nearing its conclusion: both companies hope to finalize it by 10 October.


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