Nestlé cuts sugar in chocolate by 40%

Date: 15/12/2016 Comments: 0
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Nestlé cuts sugar in chocolate by 40%

Swiss Nestlé has created a new production process with a 40 % decrease in sugar for its chocolate products. Starting in 2018, the process will actually be used for all of its products.

Thanks to the new process, the sugar's structure is altered, leading to a sweeter sugar in smaller quantities. Plenty of governments are implementing legislation to curb the use of sugar in food, to combat obesity and diabetes, which is why this new process should help Nestlé adhere to the new rules. At the same time, it should help keep the taste as close to its current level as possible.

The company will gradually lower the sugar level in its chocolate, to avoid the consumer noticing a sudden change. Nestlé will also patent its new process so if the competition fails to lower their own chocolate's sugar levels, then they will need to call on Nestlé to meet possible new legislation.

Nestlé refused to provide any specific details regarding its new process, but says it has found a way to resemble nature more closely when it comes to sugar distribution in processed food.


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