Progressive Shopping Basket








► The product categories and subcategories in the shopping basket of PROGRESSIVE magazine are chosen as the most frequently purchased products by consumers within one month.


► The specific producers and brands are selected on a random basis.


► In 2011 we started to include some private label products of the retailers in the section "Fruits and Vegetables".


► When a specific item is in a period of promotion, not available at the moment, there is no such item, etc., it is noted in the legend beneath each shopping basket.


► The purchases are made in several retail chains in three main categories - hypermarkets, supermarkets and Cash & Carry.


Each PROGRESSIVE Basket is held for a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9 months and contains within itself the respective number of the separate monthly baskets. For the study period, the purchased products of the selected manufacturers and brands in the chosen categories and sub ​​categories, do not change. Retailers are also fixed for the particular period.


► The purchases are made in one outlet of each retail chain, within one day. The date and time are indicated in each particular basket.


► Each PROGRESSIVE Basket ends with analysis that refers to the period of the study.


►PROGRESSIVE Basket has two main objectives:

• to trace the development of the relevant categories and subcategories in order to analyze and explain the changes in them, for the period of the survey.


• to show the pricing policy of each particular retailer, for the period of the survey.



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